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HIWAIDS in China

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HIWAIDS has been waging war on humankind for more thantwo decades. Humans, who today take so much pride in their moderncivilization and advanced technology, have proved extremely vulner-able and incompetent in the face of this challenge. This is despite thefact that scientists decoded the pathogenic mechanism of the humanimmunodeflciency virus and its epidemiological pattern as early as in1984, the fact that it has been widely publicized that HIV is transmit-ted via blood, sexual contact and mother-to-child transmission andthat the ways to prevent infection have also been widely publicized,and the fact that most countries in the world have done their utmostto address the HIV/AIDS issue. By the end of 2002, some 69.8 mil-lion people worldwide had been infected with HIV/AIDS, of whommore than 20 million had died.
  Information from countless sources have shown that the reasonwhy HIV/AIDS has challenged the very existence of humankind sowantonly is the strength and stubbornness of the virus itself on theone hand and the numerous flaws, both societal and human, on theother that have provided the environment and conditions for itsspread. Ultimate victory over the disease will, of course, come withtriumph over the virus as such but, before medical science canachieve this, human beings will first of all have to conquer their ownflaws.

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